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Buzzaround Portable Carry-on Folding GB120 by Golden Technologies

The Buzzaround Carry-On is a compact folding scooter designed for ultimate portability without compromising on functionality. It features a unique sporty design that allows both the seat base and the adjustable tiller to fold flat against the scooter’s base, achieving a minimal folded height of just 12 inches when the seat is removed. Equipped with 4 integrated carrying handles, the scooter is designed for easy lifting and maneuverability. For added convenience, it can also be towed like luggage. By engaging the free-wheel mode and utilizing the front handle, the scooter can be pulled along effortlessly, making it an ideal travel companion for those on the go.

What Makes It Different

The Buzzaround Carry-On is designed to enhance the travel experience with its advanced mobility features. It boasts an infinitely adjustable tiller for personalized comfort and precision control, ensuring a tailored fit for every user. The scooter is equipped with a comprehensive lighting package that includes both front and rear lights, enhancing visibility and safety in various lighting conditions.

Powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery, the Buzzaround Carry-On offers an impressive range of up to 18 miles on a single charge, supporting an active lifestyle with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. With a design focus on convenience, the scooter folds down to just 12 inches in height, making it simple to store under beds or in car trunks. Its heaviest piece weighs only 47.5 lbs without the seat and batteries, facilitating easy transport and storage. Additionally, the scooter can travel up to 18 miles on a single charge and reaches a maximum speed of 3.6 mph. This scooter is equipped with a built-in USB port, enhancing its usability by allowing you to keep your devices charged during your journeys.

Why We Like It

The Buzzaround Carry-On Folding Scooter introduces a groundbreaking fold-flat design that sets it apart from traditional folding scooters, which typically fold into a compact square resembling a piece of luggage. This scooter’s design allows it to collapse to a height of just 12 inches, making it exceptionally easy to store under beds or in tight spaces—ideal for cruise ships or family vacations.

Key Specs

  • Drive Range: up to 14 miles
  • Max Speed: 3.60 mph
  • Heaviest Piece: 47.5 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 65.5 lbs.

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