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Golden Tech Maxi Comfort PR 510 with Heat Wave

The Cloud with HeatWave Technology utilizes FIR: Far Infrared heat Radiation, which penetrates up to three inches into the skin and muscles providing a soothing heat therapy experience. Far Infrared light waves deliver healing warmth up to three inches deep into body tissue where it is most effective, helping to reduce inflammation, relieve joint pain, alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and speed cellular recovery. The gentle heat produced in Far Infrared heat therapy can also support the treatment of injuries and positively affect blood circulation. It’s like absorbing the very best of the sun without harmful Ultraviolet light waves.

The benefits of HeatWave™ Technology may include::
• Providing Pain Relief
• Enhancing Relaxation
• Improving Circulation, Alleviating Edema
• Lessoning Insomnia
• Stimulating Cellular Recovery
• Promoting Overall Mind & Body Wellness

As for the chair itself, the hybrid sized chair features over-stuffed biscuit back, unique chaise pad, and expansive armrests surround you in style. The Cloud with MaxiComfort chair also provides the ultimate stretch of your entire back, called the Trendelenburg position. This position raises one’s feet above the head to increase blood flow which can be therapeutic for circulatory conditions. Please note this position is not available on the Medium-Extra Wide size.

All MaxiComfort chairs from Golden feature one-of-a-kind programmable hand controls, allowing you to save your favorite position for later. Each chair comes with a pre-programmed position that you can change to fit to your comfort.

Why We Like It
The Cloud with MaxiComfort reduces the shear force on the body by allowing the user to specifically customize reclining capabilities. The hand wand lets the user control the back and foot rest independently and with utmost precision. This MaxiComfort chair has a pocket located on each side of the chair for storage of magazines, remotes, etc.

What You Need to Know When Ordering
Consult your physician regarding the use of the Trendelenburg position. With regard to delivery: Unless otherwise specified your chair is brought to the curb. If you or your loved one require assistance in bringing the chair inside the home or setting it up, you should consider our “White Glove” shipping service.

*NOTE: Height information is a recommendation only. Please check your individual height and size requirements regarding seat width, seat depth, seat to floor height and seat back height. It is recommended the user’s feet are on the ground when in a seated position.

Unboxing Your Golden Lift Chair. Golden lift chairs ship fully assembled on a wooden pallet. You’ll need to remove the shipping carton and protective plastic wrapping from the chair. It’s usually best to have two people lift the chair off the wooden pallet and into the home.


Medium X-Wide Medium/Large Small/Medium
Trendelenburg: No Yes Yes
Chair Weight Capacity: Up to 600 lbs. Up to 375 lbs. Up to 375 lbs.
User Height: 5′ 7″ to 6′ 4″ 5′ 7″ to 6′ 4″ 5′ 1″ to 5′ 7″
Width Between Arms: 29.00″ 20.00″ 18.50″
Seat Depth: 21.50″ 21.50″ 19.50″
Seat to Floor Height: 21.00″ 20.00″ 19.00″
Seat Back Height: 32.00″ 32.00″ 27.00″
Overall Width: 45″ 38″ 33.5″
Overall Height: 48.00″ 45.00″ 41.00″
Back Style: Biscuit/Bustle Biscuit/Bustle Biscuit/Bustle
Back Angle Reclined: 170 ° 170 ° 170 °
Distance from Wall Needed: 21.00″ 26.00″ 23.00″
Fully Padded Chaise: Yes Yes Yes
Extended Footrest Available: Yes Yes No
Headrest Cover Included: Yes Yes Yes

Approximate Shipping Dimensions and Weights

Product Weight: 125 lbs.
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