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Century Deluxe TLC Bed T8000

The Century Deluxe Long Term Care Bed T8000 is a fully electric and adjustable bed specially engineered and designed for Alzheimer residents or others with chronic impairments that reduce their degree of independence in their daily life’s activities. Top manufacturing technology with the highest quality components make these beds the best choice for long term care with features such as:

  • Preassembled one piece grid design means minimal set up is required.
  • Nine inch clearance space under recessed lower frame for ease of housekeeping and accessibility for patient handling.
  • An ergonomic 5 function pendant allows you to electronically control all functions of the bed.
  • Powered by premier DC motors that operate quietly, smoothly, and keep the bed leveled with a synchronized control system.
  • Comes witha built in nightlight under the frame to help guide patients in the dark.
  • Connected 4″ locking swivel casters can be easily locked or unlocked through the color coded foot pedestals at the bed’s end.
  • Head and footboards feature a quick release function to quickly increase access to the patient during emergencies.
  • Built-in back up lithium battery can power the bed for up to 20 minutes.
  • Sturdy welded steel construction and a reinforced bed frame provide maximum strength and support.
  • Optional secondary control panels for easier patient and caregiver control over the T8000.

This bed is 36” x 80” with a total length of 87” with head and footboards attached; accommodates up to 600 lb. The bed weighs 205 pounds and the half rails weigh 19 pounds combined. The Century Deluxe is also available in a Wide model (42” x 80”) to meet the needs of larger patients.

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